I play games, or the only pick up line you’ll ever need

It’s funny how loads of people put up videos on YouTube about what guys look for in girls or the other way around. I have my solution. Perhaps I called this post “the only pick up line you’ll ever need”  because I wanted to attract the attention of lonely people who crave company, and convert […]

Why anime scares me a little, or the serial killer German student

I like comics and graphic novels in general, but something about anime, whether it be in book form or animation, just gives me the shivers and makes me think of overweight, greasy-ponytail wearing men in their late forties. For some reason. On the other hand, when I get past that, there is of course the […]

If writers stopped writing about what happened to them, then there would be a lot of empty pages, or, when Fallout 3 arrived

Elaine Liner said that. I’m not claiming to be a writer, but would like to struggle against the phenomenon of text speak and indecent punctuation and write like hell even if I myself mess up on grammar and punctuation every now and then along the way. So, I will tell you the story of the […]