I play games, or the only pick up line you’ll ever need

It’s funny how loads of people put up videos on YouTube about what guys look for in girls or the other way around. I have my solution. Perhaps I called this post “the only pick up line you’ll ever need”  because I wanted to attract the attention of lonely people who crave company, and convert them to users. Perhaps. But the story is still true.

On more than five or six occasions  I have had love professed to me because I casually slipped into conversation that I love Bioshock, or that I am a little addicted to Portal, or that Halflife is my life, or that Assassins Creed is hilarious, or that Fallout is taking over my everything. Nothing else quite has the same effect. Enjoying comic books and loving the Avengers, Batman, or Spiderman just isn’t quite good enough. Same with Harry Potter. Sometimes, if you get a little more specific or obscure, you find similar minded people. Such as raving about Luna Lovegood, or saying how the adventures of Judge Dredd keep you up at night. Doctor Who equally opens doors.

But no one has ever, EVER professed love to me over any of those things.

So girls, tell the guys the games you play. You never know, they might just love angry birds.

Unless they’re the outdoorsy, free spirited type. Then they might just think you’re sad for spending hours exploring underwater steampunk dystopian realms on a screen. But it’s not like you’d want them anyway, right? Hah, healthy lads with a love of fresh air… so last year.


2 thoughts on “I play games, or the only pick up line you’ll ever need

    • It’s based on the game Portal, which takes place in the creepy testing rooms of Aperture Science Laboratories. I thinks it’s a good example of how the story behind a game can be taken and turned into an affecting film.

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