Ideas for the physics lab, or, how I want to look good in front of people

I’ve been asked to mind both the art room and the physics lab on open night in our school, for little primary school kids to come and gawk. I love the art room; it has something cosy and lovely about it, with the smell of paint and melting glue and wax about it. If I mind it, I can work on my current art project and possibly play music and generally relax.

Whereas the physics labs are cold and clinical, with harsh lighting and super white furniture. Everything is white. If I mind the lab, I probably have to be a bit more serious, not as laid back, and I won’t be as cosy. However, I can run experiments and release my inner physics nerd. I can bring in posters, magazines, books; I can wear my Pi shirt under my uniform, I can set up my Doctor Who figurines, and watch nerdy documentaries.

And I think I know which kind of person I want the general public to see me as, and it’s not a flaky art student.


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