Night Out!

So mid-term has finally sprung upon me, unexpected in its seeming lateness. And thus begins the nights-out. I’m not the most socially adept of people (bar that three hour conversation with a guy on the phone last night… but even that was about economics, politics and bullying), but the few friends I have force me to attend birthday parties (ghastly things) and try their best to integrate me into society. Bless them.

So I’ve spent most of this evening disastrously trying to piece together an outfit for tomorrow night. I quickly realised that my homemade Lieutenant Uhura costume would not really fit the occasion  and that neither my spiderman tee or my t-shirt with a massive Pi symbol composed of Pi to 10,000 decimal places would be appreciated.

I think I have found a combination that won’t be offensive to the general crowd attending the ‘do tomorrow night. Now all I need to do is revise accepted social etiquette of the 21st century, look up colloquial slang, and I’ll fit right in.



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